Bee-N Company provides international trade services all over the world more than 10 years. 


  Today, the company has expanded its marketing position in the sector very consistently. Especially, the company has an active marketing position in the Middle East countries and it plays a valuable role in the European countries as well.

  The company manufactures all types of private label products such as wet Surgical Masks, T II R Surgical Masks, T I Surgical Masks, Medical Masks, Hospital Masks, Fully Ultrasonic Masks, Disposable Masks

  There are also many products which are supplied by the company such as toilet paper (recycle and virgin pulp), paper towel, facial tissue, dispenser, air fresheners, hand sanitizer, hand foam cleaner,  A4 paper, all beverages and so forth.

The aim of the company is to supply best quality products with the highly competitive prices for customers.

  In conclusion, the total quality management is very important part of the company mission for every stage of the trade because the company' team has to serve with great responsibility and determination.

  Therefore, Bee-N Company workers have high motivation and high concentration to provide best services for every single customer equally and meticulously all over the world. 


Bee-N Company team has high performance to meet customers' needs and demands owing to,

  1. Experience

  2. Responsibility 

  3. Knowledge

  4. High Motivation

The purpose of the company's team is to support customers' ideas and improve them by the help of the experienced designers. Finally, the team provides regular services for all clients.

Moreover, time is everything for all customers as trade is a fast action. The team is willingly to solve customers problem in a very short time, and thus the services satisfaction which are provided by the team is always high.

Most importantly, the team always work with  a high motivation for responding each of the customers' requests and demands  in a short time. There is also responsibility to complete all tasks on time.

Finally, the team not only export the products, but also, they maintain export services for all customers until the final stages.

There is a successful team behind the all successful exports operations.


All  operational services are important from start to finish. Thus, company have logistic partners and experienced customs staff to accomplish  each of the export operation successfully.

The company supports every single of the customer's requests on time and also it supplies them adequate information about the products, exports procedures and so forth.


Furthermore, the aim of the company is to provide good quality products with the highly competitive prices for all clients.


There are free samples for testing before the agreement.

There are experienced designers to shape or redesign customers' ideas without any charge.

These all important solutions help our customers to make the trade more easy.

Consequently, the principle of the company is to serve all customers equally and meticulously.


“Achieve your goals with us"