Antibacterial Hand Wipes

It is only suitable for cleaning of surfaces such as tables, doors handles, cars, chairs etc. It is a very practical product for cleaning hard surfaces.

Bleach Cleaning Wipes.jpg

The Liquid Contains  5% of Ultra Thick Bleach



Activated Substance: 4.6% sodium hypochlorite (CAS No: 7681-52-9) Excipients: <5% nonionic surfactant (CAS No: 3332-27-2), <5% anionic surfactant (CAS No: 137-16-6, CAS No: 67701-0552-9), <1% sodium hydroxide (CAS No: 1310-73-2), perfume, water 

Product Technical Description

Wet Towel Size 20x16 cm

Packing Size 7x14 cm

Each pack includes 30  pieces of bleach cleaning wipes.