Hand Sanitizing Wipes

The product is widely used in many areas such as personal use, restaurants, cafes (before and after Dinner), Hotels, for airline companies, universities, for railway passengers etc. 

Using of the sanitizing single pack wet wipes provides a practical usage for customers as it is easy to carry in a bag every time.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes.jpg

Apply the sanitizing hand wipe for 30 seconds for effective result.

Each sanitizing wipes includes  3.6 g liquid disinfectant.



Ethyl Alcohol %80 h/a, Benzalkonium Chloride % 0.15 h/a.

Product Technical Description

                                   Wet Towel Size 17x15 cm                                    

  Packing Size  5x10 cm

Each pack includes 50 pcs. sanitizing hand wipes.